Base CRM vs. Zoho vs. Insightly vs. CRM Tools Compared
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Base CRM vs. Zoho vs. Insightly vs. CRM Tools Compared

Base CRM has demos and free trials to see whether you like it or not. Zoho has options that help to reduce errors like multi-channel options all on one page. Insightly has numerous integrations including for Drive, OneBox and many others. Salesforce will be best for small business owners because of their automation.
Covered in this report
Base CRM — Best Features
Read several case studies about different aspects of the site.
Free demo available so you can see how it works.
Best for: Those who would rather get info about software before trying it.
Zoho — Best Features
Full chat history in one channel to avoid confusion.
Longer free trial than many other sites at 15 days.
Best for: Those seeking to reduce CRM errors.
Insightly — Best Features
Business card scanner works with app at the Plus plan.
Auto-importer works with MaliChimp for smooth integration.
Best for: Those who want great integrations for external apps. — Best Features
"Einstein" A.I. for automating processes.
Chrome extension Salesforce specific available.
Best for: Small businesses looking for CRM solutions.

Considering the level of customer interaction that’s expected by consumers these days, it definitely behooves people to have a tool to help manage and keep track of it all or they run the risk of losing control. Fortunately, there are a number of options available online to help you keep control of your CRM, regardless of what your particular business situation is.

Base CRM


Base CRM is used by companies such as Barnes and Noble, Wiredcraft, Drizly, Cisco, and others. All in all, there are 7000 major companies using the site.


  • Try it for a Free Trial-IF you click on the green button on the main site at the top, you can get a free trial of the tool. This doesn’t require a credit card at all. You just need a name, business email, and a password.
  • Demo-If you hit the “Request a demo” button, you can send in your info to ask to speak to an expert so that they can demo the tool for you.
  • Fast Implementation-The site claims that they have an implementation time that 6x faster than the competition.
  • Read Case Studies-If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can read case studies about things like response time, increase in new leads, and increase in annual revenue.



Zoho makes life easier for you by putting multiple channels worth of information all on one screen.


  • Free Signup-You can sign up for the basic tool for free with the red button at the top of the site. This gives you the option of a quick signup using Linkedin or Google.
  • One Conversation for All Channels-You can get full information about whoever you’re talking to in real time. This gives you an organized feed that shows you how the prospect is interacting with your site in terms of emails, social media channels, and in many other ways as well.
  • Chat History-Your agents can get a full chat history of every conversation the person you’re talking to has had with the company, all within your multi-channel conversation window.



Insightly has a number of features with its CRM too. This includes both Android and iPhone mobile apps and a number of integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and MailChimp.


  • Free Trial-Insightly also has a free trial that lasts for 14 days if you want to try the features out.
  • Free Account-Like other sights, there’s a free account for Insightly where you can get 10 custom fields, 2500 records, and 200 MB of storage all for free. This works for 2 users.
  • Business Card Scanner-If you get the Plus plan at Insightly, for $29 per month, then you can get a business card scanner with the mobile app.
  • Mailchimp Auto-importer-If you want to use MailChimp for email campaigns, the Plus plan with Insightly will allow you to automatically import these addresses into the CRM tool. That way, if you get any hits on your campaign, you can feed them right into the system so that your agents will have the info they need. This eliminates the need for manual inputting.


Salesforce is the gold standard of CRM tools. The site proclaims itself to be the best CRM solution for small businesses, and there are plenty of reviews that agree. There’s definitely a small business focus on the site. There’s a shared address book you get with the site as well for easy small business operations.


  • Salesforce AI-There’s an “Einstein” A.I. in the tool that works inside the system that gives you recommendations and predictions in order to give you automation and save you time.  This includes anticipating sales opportunities, giving you suggestions for resolving cases and predicting various outcomes.
  • Chrome Extension-If you use Google Chrome as a web browser, you can definitely get a Chrome extension to make using the services easier.
  • Notifications-You can get notifications about sent emails to check to see whether customers clicked on your email and whether they went to the link you sent them or not.

Head to Head


Base CRM starts out at $25 per user per month. This gives you basic sales tracking and customer management with 5 users. The Enterprise version is at $125 per user per month.

Zoho charges just $12 per month for their standard plan if you pay annually. This includes sales forecasting, mass email and up to 100,000 records. There’s also a free version available for 10 users, though this has certain limitations to it.

Insightly has a $12 per month plan when billed annually which is called Basic.

Salesforce has a $25 package called “SalesforceIQ CRM Starter.” Its next step up is $75 per month.  


Base CRM gives you 2 GB per user with unlimited leads, contacts, tasks and deals under the Starter package.

Zoho also has a 15-day free trial and this doesn’t require a free credit card either. This means that theirs is 1 day longer than what you get from Base CRM. There are a lot of options in this software including gamification options to help motivate your sales team to go out there and sell. There’s also advanced CRM analytics, territory management, and mobile options available all within the same package at the same time too.

Insightly integrates with a huge number of external apps including Outlook 2013, Quickbooks Online, Xero, Box, Evernote, OneDrive, and many others such as MailChimp. You don’t have to pay extra setup fees or upgrade fees either. There’s full lead management, project management, task management and project management features through the app.

Salesforce has many useful features including a Chrome extension, smart apps for mobile, and even webinars and live training sessions. This is why Salesforce is ideal for small business owners. It has a lot of training information to help you get to speed. There’s also plenty of automation in there as well such as the Einstein A.I. that it uses. You can save time and effort if you don’t have the time or money to hire other people to handle the situations for you. 

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